Water Pipit, Babcock Hide, Cley, 31st December 2017.
Marsh Harrier, Cley, 30th December 2017.
Pale-bellied Brent Goose with Dark-bellied Brent Goose, Cley, 30th December 2017.
Glaucous Gull, Pat's Pool, Cley, 26th December 2017.
Goosander, Cley, 26th December 2017.
Red-throated Diver, Cley, 26th December 2017.
Stonechat, Cley, 26th December 2017.
Lapwing, Cley, 26th December 2017.
Hedgehog, Cley, 25th December 2017. He's still coming to our anti-cat feeding tunnel several times every night. He must be putting on weight but the weather is too mild for him to hibernate.
Water Rail, Cley, 22nd December 2017.
Guillemot, Cley, 19th December 2017.
Little Egret, Cley, 18th December 2017.
Grey Seal, Cley, 18th December 2017.
Green Woodpecker, Cley, 15th December 2017. A rare and welcome visitor to our garden.
Hedgehog, Cley, 13th December 2017. Despite the date and the cold weather, he's still too small to hibernate. He's relying on our anti-cat feeding-tunnel, visiting it numerous times each night.
Stonechat, Kelling Quag, 13th December 2017.
Mandt's Black Guillemot, Cut End, Lincolnshire, 10th December 2017. A first for Britain from the high Arctic!
Badgers, Cley. It's getting cold out there!
Shag, Cley, 6th December 2017.
Parrot Crossbills, Santon Downham, Norfolk, 4th December 2017.
White-crowned Black Wheatear, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, 2nd December 2017. Unfortunately this bird was an escape: I caught it in my hat and returned it to its aviary!
Crested Tit, Lossiemouth, Moray, 29th November 2017.
American Wigeon, Clachnaharry, Inverness, 28th November 2017.
Twite, Thornham Harbour, Norfolk, 24th November 2017.
Otters, Cley, 22nd November 2017. Two together again today, but they remain very elusive.
Stonechat, Cley, 22nd November 2017.
Iceland Gull, Cley, 19th November 2017.
Iceland Gull, Cley, 18th November 2017.
Peregrine, Cley, 17th November 2017.
How not to watch Otters, Cley, 17th November 2017.   [If you don't know, it is MUCH better to get off the skyline and SIT DOWN if you want a chance of them coming close. "Ooh I've got a tripod. I don't do sitting down."]
Common Scoter, Cley, 16th November 2017.
Lesser Yellowlegs, Lodmoor, Dorset, 14th November 2017.
Kingfisher, River Otter, Devon, 13th November 2017.
Italian Sparrow, East Budleigh, Devon, 12th November 2017.
Gannets, Cley, 12th November 2017.
Grey Phalarope,  Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 11th November 2017.
Cattle Egrets, Stiffkey Flood, Norfolk, 10th November 2017. 
Bagot Goat, Salthouse Heath, 9th November 2017. Conservation grazing at its gruffest!
Grey Phalarope, Cley, 8th November 2017. It has moved to Simmonds' Scrape today, but it is no closer for good photography. Always great birds to see here though!
Blackbird, Cley, 7th November 2017. A number were coming in off the sea today. This one pitched down on the beach by where the North Hide used to be and should be again!
Black Brant, Cley, 7th November 2017. 
Grey Phalarope, Walsey Marsh, Cley, 7th November 2017. It must be too dizzy to fly off!
Grey Phalarope, Walsey Marsh, Cley, 5th November 2017. 
Lesser Whitethroat, Walsey Hills, Cley, 5th November 2017. 
Taiga Bean Goose, Burnham Overy, Norfolk, 4th November 2017. 
Yellow-browed Warbler, Walsey Hills, Cley, 2nd November 2017. 
Common Buzzard, Waxham, Norfolk, 1st November 2017. 
Great White Egret, Cley, 1st November 2017. 
Marsh Tit, Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire, 28th October 2017. 
Rock Thrush, Gilwern Hill, Monmouthshire, 27th October 2017. 
Wigeon, Cley, 25th October 2017. 
Spotted Redshank, Kelling Water Meadow, 24th October 2017. 
Tree Sparrows, Cley, 21st October 2017. Three briefly at the garden feeder were a late afternoon surprise  and the first here for over a year.
Black Redstart, Cley, 21st October 2017. Lingering on the roof of Watcher's Cottage.
Black Brant, Cley, 19th October 2017. 
Yellow-browed Warbler, Salthouse, 19th October 2017. 
Redwing, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 19th October 2017. 
Osprey, Holkham Park Lake, Norfolk, 15th October 2017.
Grey-bellied Brant, Choseley, Norfolk, 15th October 2017. The essential references for this most interesting rare goose are Birding World 14: 151-155, 19: 113-117 & 26:488.
Greenland White-fronted Goose with Pink-footed Geese, Burnham Overy/Holkham, Norfolk, 15th October 2017. 
Otter, Cley, 14th October 2017. If you want to see the Cley Otters photographically close, I strongly advise that you SIT DOWN off the skyline, of course don't talk or move at all when they are above water, and set your camera to 'quiet shutter' if you can.
Pink-footed Geese, Cley, 13th October 2017. A few years ago Pink-footed Geese did not occur at Cley. Look at them now!
Common Cranes, Holkham Pines, Norfolk, 12th October 2017. 
Great White Egret, Holkham Pines, Norfolk, 12th October 2017. 
Wheatear, Cley, 11th October 2017. 
Radde's Warbler, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 10th October 2017. 
Osprey, Holkham Park Lake, Norfolk, 8th October 2017. Ospreys surprisingly seldom show well in North Norfolk these days, so this lingering bird at Holkham Park Lake has been a real treat.
Red-necked Phalarope, Kelling Water Meadow, 6th October 2017. The third Red-necked Phalarope on the greater Cley Marshes in three weeks unlike the other two, this one showed nice and close.
Grey Phalarope, Cley, 6th October 2017. A two phalarope species afternoon on the greater Cley Marshes this, on and beside Arnold's Marsh, the second Grey in three weeks.
Pink-footed Geese, Cley, 6th October 2017. Up to c3000 have been on and around the reserve for several days now an  
Spotted Redshanks, Kelling Water Meadow, 5th October 2017. This juvenile and adult have been together on Kelling Water Meadow for several days.
Great Skuas, Cley, 5th October 2017.
Red-throated Diver, Cley, 5th October 2017.
Gannet, Cley, 5th October 2017.
Goosanders, Wigeon and Pink-footed Geese, Cley, 3rd October 2017. These five Goosanders on Simmonds' Scrape were a surprise this morning; they flew off west at 10.00am.
Little Egrets, Cley, 3rd October 2017. We counted 23 at the evening roost at Cley on 30th September.
Sandwich Tern, Cley, 2nd October 2017.
Otter, Cley, 1st October 2017.


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