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This gallery features my bird and wildlife photo-diary. Since I live at Cley next the Sea, Norfolk, it comprises of photographs mainly from that area, but it also includes pictures from my travels further afield. Photographs are continually added in chronological order to view the latest images in this gallery, please just scroll down the page and enjoy.




All these images are copyright. If you would like to copy and use any of them elsewhere, please ask me first please email  Prints of all these photos may be purchased from 2.50 each; for details, see my other website, which contains a selection of my bird and wildlife photographs in systematic order, together with quite a few taken by my wife, Sue:

The north Norfolk village of Cley next the Sea is the home of birding in Britain.  The key habitats in the area include Cley Marshes Norfolk Wildlife Trust Reserve, Salthouse Marshes, Blakeney Point National Trust Reserve and Salthouse and Kelling Heaths.

Grey Heron, Glandford, 12th February 2018.
Siskin, Glandford, 12th February 2018. Not many Siskins about in the Cley 10km square this winter, as far as I've seen.
Stoat, Cley, 9th February 2018. Today's wildlife highlight at Cley was this very quick Stoat carrying a feather super wildlife (not 'vermin', you horrible shooting morons).
Chinese Water Deer, Cley, 7th February 2018.
Otter, Glandford, 6th February 2018.
Blackcap, Cley, 6th February 2018.
Woodcock, Titchwell, Norfolk, 5th February 2018.
Otter, Glandford, 3rd February 2018.
Blackcap, Cley, 3rd February 2018.
Glaucous Gull, Mundesley, Norfolk, 2nd February 2018.
Red Kite, Cley, 2nd February 2018.
Black Brant, with Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Cley, 1st February 2018.
Purple Sandpiper, with Turnstones and Dunlins, Cley, 31st January 2018.
Common Scoter, Cley, 31st January 2018.
Hawfinches, Great Massingham, Norfolk, 30th January 2018.
Mistle Thrush, Great Massingham, Norfolk, 30th January 2018.
Pheasant, Thursford, Norfolk, 30th January 2018.
Chinese Water Deer, Cley, 29th January 2018.
Otters, Glandford, 28th January 2018. While another was being seen at Cley NWT, there were four together at Glandford this morning!
Water Pipit, Cley, 26th January 2018. This wintering bird continues to show really close in front of Babcock Hide, but it is not there all the time!
Bittern, Glandford, 25th January 2018. I've enjoyed only 3 Bittern sightings at Cley NWT since 2013 (the last in June 2017), but there's been one nearby, hiding down the Glaven valley, for a couple of weeks now. After numerous visits, I finally saw it today.
Otters, Glandford, 25th January 2018. Hardly my best Otter photo, but three together is always extra nice!
Treecreeper, Glandford, 23rd January 2018.
Hen Harrier, East Bank, Cley, 22nd January 2018. Marsh Harriers are regularly on view, but there seems to be just one Hen Harrier this juvenile male visiting Cley NWT this winter.
Otter, Glandford, 20th January 2018. One of three together this morning. They seem to have moved up here as Cley NWT has reedbed management ongoing.
Coues's Arctic Redpolls, Kelling, Norfolk, 19th January 2018. The redpolls at Kelling are just as fidgety and difficult to get close to as the ones at Letheringsett.
Short-eared Owl, Cley, 19th January 2018. Fortunately, the dreadful beach fence has additional orange twine at this point..
Blackcap, Cley, 19th January 2018. At least one female is still visiting our hanging apples.
Coues's / Mealy Redpolls, Letheringsett, Norfolk, 18th January 2018. The redpolls and other finches at this site are very fidgety and almost impossible to get close to.
Lesser Redpoll, Letheringsett, Norfolk, 18th January 2018.
Black Redstart, Sheringham, Norfolk, 16th January 2018.
Waxwing, Sheringham, Norfolk, 16th January 2018.
Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler, Waxham, Norfolk, 12th January 2018.
Grey Seal, Cley, 8th January 2018.
Iceland Gull, Cromer GC, Norfolk, 3rd January 2018.
Blackcap, Cley, 2nd January 2018. Two female Blackcaps have appeared on our garden apples for the past two days.
Black Brant with Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Salthouse, 1st January 2018.


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