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This gallery features my bird and wildlife photo-diary. Since I live at Cley next the Sea, Norfolk, it comprises of photographs mainly from that area, but it also includes pictures from my travels further afield. Photographs are continually added in chronological order to view the latest images in this gallery, please just scroll down the page and enjoy.




All these images are copyright. If you would like to copy and use any of them elsewhere, please ask me first please email  Prints of all these photos may be purchased from 2.50 each; for details, see my other website, which contains a selection of my bird and wildlife photographs in systematic order, together with quite a few taken by my wife, Sue:

The north Norfolk village of Cley next the Sea is the home of birding in Britain.  The key habitats in the area include Cley Marshes Norfolk Wildlife Trust Reserve, Salthouse Marshes, Blakeney Point National Trust Reserve and Salthouse and Kelling Heaths.

Spoonbill, Serpentine, Cley, 7th December 2016.
Lesser Yellowlegs, Lytchett Fields RSPB Reserve, Poole Harbour, Dorset, 4th December 2016.
Green Sandpiper, Lytchett Fields RSPB Reserve, Poole Harbour, Dorset, 4th December 2016.
Spoonbill, Sea Pool, Cley, 2nd December 2016.
Masked Wagtail, Camrose, Pembrokeshire, 30th November 2016. My tenth new bird of 2016 six of which have also been new to Britain/Ireland !
Otter and its Flounder, Cley, 28th November 2016. The family of three again on the reserve today (see 2nd November below).
Eiders, Cley, 28th November 2016.
Grey Seal pup, Cley, 28th November 2016. An overspill from Blakeney Point.
Coues's Arctic Redpoll, Salthouse, 25th November 2016. Very elusive with the flighty Linnet flock.
Peregrine, Cley, 25th November 2016. One of two seen over the reserve today but this is a composite photo, not the two birds.
Shore Lark, Salthouse, 25th November 2016.
Stonechat, Cley, 25th November 2016.
Long-tailed Ducks, Titchwell, Norfolk, 23rd November 2016. 21, including several fine drakes great views in the 'scope!
Sanderling, Titchwell, Norfolk, 23rd November 2016.
Starlings, Cley, 22nd November 2016. A rather more accurate estimate tonight gave about 40,000, again roosting in the reeds to the east of Bishop's Hide.
Starlings, Cley, 21st November 2016. About 30,000 roosted in the reeds tonight, and one leucistic bird was again with them (not a Rosy as I had thought it might be yesterday).
Hen Harrier, Warham Greens, Norfolk, 19th November 2016.
Stonechat, Cley, 18th November 2016.
Shore Larks, Salthouse, 17th November 2016. Part of the mobile flock of about 20 on the beach today.
Taiga Bean Geese, with Pink-footed Geese, Titchwell, Norfolk, 16th November 2016.
Todd's Canada Goose, with Pink-footed Geese, Burnham Market, Norfolk, 13th November 2016.
Shore Larks, Holkham Bay, Norfolk, 11th November 2016. The current Holkham flock (I counted 62 this morning) is a delight to watch at range, but they are very fidgety. I recommend not trying to get close-up photographs of them; smaller groups later in the winter are often much better for close photography.
Tree Sparrow x House Sparrow hybrid, Cley, 9th November 2016. This apparent hybrid has been with the House Sparrows at the Sea Lawn feeders for at least a month or so; it may have been very locally bred see 18th June photo below.
Brambling, Cley, 8th November 2016. It's always nice to get a Brambling at the garden feeder.
Blackbirds, Wells Woods, 8th November 2016. Wells Woods was 'full' of Blackbirds this morning.
Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Cley, 7th November 2016.
Red-throated Diver, Cley, 7th November 2016.
Little Auks, Cley, 7th November 2016.
Glaucous Gull, Cley, 7th November 2016.
Glaucous Gull, Cley, 6th November 2016.
Goosander, Cley, 6th November 2016.
Common Scoters, Cley, 6th November 2016.
Kittiwake, Cley, 6th November 2016.
American Cliff Swallow, with European cousin, Minsmere, Suffolk, 5th November 2016.
Rose-coloured Starling, Limpenhoe, Norfolk, 5th November 2016.
Waxwings, Holt, Norfolk, 4th November 2016.
Chinese Water Deer, Cley, 4th November 2016.
Hedgehog, Cley, 2nd November 2016. Busy building his nest this evening. Check your bonfire if you have one!
Otters, Cley, 2nd November 2016. My first Cley sighting since June 2015.
Grey Seal, Cley, 2nd November 2016.
Common Scoters, Cley, 1st November 2016.


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